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We usher the preschoolers of Oregon into becoming pupils that will soon excel in Kindergarten.

Learn More About Our Two-to-Three-Year Program

By entrusting your child’s early childhood development to our care, you can expect them to undergo significant yearly improvements. On an average, this is how our children blossom in our three-year program:

  1. The first year is a year of investigation and discovery. Children begin with us overwhelmed by the newness of the group, leaving parents, expectations, all the learning materials, activities, and relationships. By the end of this year, we aim for children to find a comfortable and secure place in the group. This phase can take from one to six months.
  2. The second year is a year of comfort and mastery. By this stage, children turn 3 and 4 years old and have lots of fun. They know the rules and how everything works.
  3. The third year is a culmination of the prior two years, which naturally leads the “senior” preschooler into positions of leadership and self-confidence. This year generates a lot of pride. They step into leadership roles naturally because they know how to accomplish things, perform routines, and mediate disputes. By the time the children leave for Kindergarten, we believe they know all there is to know about preschool. And so, they are ready and eager to get out into the big world of elementary school. They now learned to love learning through their years attending Bright Beginnings.
little childdoing school activity
little childdoing school activity
little childdoing school activity
little childdoing school activity

Our Various Programs:

The holistic approach to our early childhood education is part of what helps us instill a lasting influence on the children’s lives. We recognize the various struggles of children during this particular phase of their lives. By introducing these multiple programs in our school year, we can provide these children with the best place to foster the skill sets that are ideal to acquire before formal elementary schooling. Our programs include:

Bright Beginnings Preschool kickstarts each school year in June, and we prepared various activities that will keep every week fresh and full of learning. For a detailed discussion about our enrollment process, please reach out to our staff over the phone or email. We’ll gladly address any of your inquiries.