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Our Dedicated Teaching Assistants

All assistants at Bright Beginnings Preschool are on the Oregon registry and have completed background FBI fingerprint checks, CPR/First Aid, Food handlers, Safe Sleep, Health and Safety, and Child Abuse Recognition classes. We must complete 15 clock hours of ongoing training each year, with 8 of those hours dedicated to child development. Some of the assistants attend nearby colleges and are involved in early childhood education classes all day long. Assistants who work here enjoy the training I provide in a private preschool environment.

Introducing: Our Beloved Teacher Patty!

My experience began back in 1983 when I became a licensed preschool teacher in Fort Collins, Colorado when my five children were very young. They are now adults with children. We moved to Oregon in 1990 to be closer to our relatives. I established Bright Beginnings Preschool in the Corvallis community in August of 1991.

Ever since the founding of Bright Beginnings, I have been a licensed employer in the State of Oregon and assisted in teaching and training many assistants, interns, and practicum students from Oregon State University (OSU). I have also helped mentor many aspiring educators who wanted to open their preschools either here or in another state.

My goal as a teacher is to provide love and acceptance as an extension of the family unit, continue to support each child’s needs, provide encouragement toward independence, and allow freedom and opportunity to develop their physical, mental, and social capabilities with feelings of success. I want each child to “LEARN TO LOVE LEARNING.” Each child’s individuality is respected and encouraged.

I perceive my daily tasks as not just going to work but an opportunity to fulfill my life mission. Bright Beginnings is my passion.

I have earned my Child Development Associate credential (CDA). Obtaining this credential involves being observed by the National Credential Program while working with children and requires college child development classes. It also must be renewed every five years. Having a CDA enhances the quality of teaching for your child by defining, evaluating, and recognizing the competence of providers. I have completed steps 1-8 of LBCC’s Pathway to Professional Development Program. I continually attend enrichment classes, seminars, and workshops to give myself fresh perspectives and ideas.

I love working with multi-age groups, ranging from kids who are 2 to 5 years old. I strive to cultivate a healthy social atmosphere with them.

I want to help both the child and parents get off to a good start. Kindergarten readiness is my goal for every young child, which begins as soon as your child enrolls, whether your child starts at two or four. When the time comes for your child to take their first step into their kindergarten class, they will already have many of the skills needed to succeed.

Throughout the years of my journey, I have been privileged to see countless children learn to write their names, recognize every letter of the alphabet, know the planets in the solar system, name the continents, begin to read, and so much more. I am blessed to see the smile of accomplishment on their faces. I have been in the business so long that I now have former students coming by to ask to work for me.

I have established consistent limits and appropriate guidelines which will assist children in developing the ability to monitor their behavior in social and conflicting situations. Children are encouraged to be respectful, kind, polite, honest, and fair to everyone. I believe in supporting the uniqueness of each child.

In my opinion, each adult who works with your child must possess the same love for their growth and development. I am very selective when it comes to hiring assistants.

Having a good relationship with our center’s partner parents is very important to me. I believe that stability and solid relationships are the keys to a child’s long-term development. I am contributing to the person your child will become. By working together and keeping the communication lines open between us, we can give your child wonderful BRIGHT BEGINNINGS!

My goal at Bright Beginnings is to build a “Well Centered Child” and help your child learn to love learning

When children:

  • try things over and over,
  • build and construct,
  • solve problems,
  • organize and see connections,
  • and pretend and investigate new ideas,

they’re thinking and understanding.

When children:

  • touch and hold,
  • smell and taste,
  • poke, squish, and stretch,
  • hear and make sounds,
  • play with other children,
  • and ask questions,

they’re gaining and consolidating knowledge.

When children:

  • climb, slide and jump,
  • run,
  • balance,
  • pour and scoop,
  • dance, skip, and move,

they’re building skills and strengthening muscles.

Assistant Director/ Teacher Krista

Hello, I am Teacher Krista and the Assistant Director at Bright Beginnings Preschool. I am married and have two children of my own. I was fortunate enough to be a stay-at-home mom for eleven years until joining Bright Beginnings years ago. Teacher Patty is my mother and I actually grew up at Bright Beginnings. I have always loved working with children and awakening the natural curiosity of young minds. Helping them be there best and to never give up. Watching them grow into the young boys and girls they become when graduating. I am very happy to be a part of Bright Beginnings and can’t wait for the years ahead.