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For the Months of June, July, and August:

Since Bright Beginnings is a year-round preschool, the routines of the day continue, including weekly teacher-led learning activities each day. The only significant difference is that we venture out on neighborhood walks more with the four and five-year-old youngsters during these months. We provide a Wednesday/Thursday afternoon safe water activity each week. We utilize our greenway above the preschool for races and ball fun.

We begin these activities the week after public schools are out, which usually falls on the third week of June. Children shall bring and leave a swimsuit here (including water shoes) for water fun activities. We use water tubs for play and sprinklers to assure the parents that our fun water activities are safe.

We are proud to showcase many pictures of our children delighting in our fun activities. If you wish to check out each of them, we invite you to visit our online photo gallery.

Our Weekly Curriculum (Starting September):

Language: Each week, beginning in September (both morning and afternoon), we focus on a new letter, color, number, shape, and nursery rhyme. For a detailed list of how we go about with our language lessons, you may refer to the table provided below:

Week Number Letter Color Number Shape Nursery Rhyme
1. A Red 3 Circle Humpty Dumpty
2. F Blue 5 Square Little Boy Blue
3. M White 8 Triangle Hey Diddle Diddle
4. R Orange 12 Rectangle This Little Pig
5. T Brown 9 Oval Little Jack Horner
6. O Purple 1 Heart Mary had a Little Lamb
7. J Green 7 Star 1,2,3,4,5
8. D Yellow 11 Diamond Jack and Jill
9. G Black 4 Pentagon I’m A Little Tea Pot
10. K Pink 10 Octagon Song of Sixpence
11. S Red 6 Hexagon Old King Cole
12. W Blue 2 Shamrock Mary, Mary Quite Contrary
13. Y White 14 Circle Baa Baa Black Sheep
14. V Orange 5 Square Little Miss Muffet
15. H Brown 8 Triangle Itsy Bitsy Spider
16. L Purple 12 Rectangle Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star
17. X Green 9 Oval Hickory Dickory
18. U Yellow 1 Heart Little Bo Peep
19. Q Black 7 Star Rub-A-Dub Dub
20. E Pink 11 Diamond Georgie Porgie
21. Z Red 4 Crescent Three Blind Mice
22. N Blue 10 Octagon Wee Willie Winkle
23. I White 6 Hexagon Old Mother Hubbard
24. B Orange 2 Shamrock Queen of Hearts
25. C Brown 3 Circle Three Little Kittens
26. P Purple 15 Oval Pussy-Cat, Pussy-Cat

Once we have successfully discussed all the lessons on this list, we will be reviewing two to three letters and numbers again weekly. We shall include new rhymes weekly also.

Other Subjects We Cover:

Environmental education: Earth, nature, trees, rocks, mountains, wild animals, oceans, rivers, lakes, earth day, recycling, beaches, and desserts.
History: Grandparents, Columbus Day, Washington/Lincoln, Martin Luther King, early forms of transportation, and more.

Creative Expression: Dramatic play, color focus, and visual arts (including painting, watercolor, etc.)

Character Education: Manners, making friends, sharing feelings, and kindness.

Geography and multicultural education: World celebrations, saying goodbye and hello around the world, homes/family life around the world, holiday celebrations, winter around the world, clothing around the world, music & dance around the world, various foods and mealtimes, games, and toys played around the world.

Sensory: Touch, smell, taste, hear and sight activity (i.e., clay, sand, water, playdough, shaving cream, and more)

Pre-Math: Counting, shapes, numbers, matching, patterning, building blocks, cubes, sequencing.

Science: Germs, healthy habits, self-help skills, nature, animals, water table, sense of sight, etc.

Safety: Importance of rules, introduction to 911, home & school safety, fire safety & firefighters, toy safety, stranger safety, animal safety, etc.

Literacy/Book Appreciation: Language, storytelling, and finger play.

Music Appreciation: Introduction to instruments and their sounds. Different types of music and dance.

Physical Skills (Fine motor): Tearing, snipping, fringing, cutting strips, cutting on a line, and cutting shapes.

Physical Skills (Large motor): Ball bouncing, catching, throwing, galloping, skipping, hitting an object, jumping, pushing, pulling, kicking, hopping, and using the balance beam.

Social Development: About me, home and family, special days, community helpers, and clothing.

Cooking: this combines math, reading, creative thinking, science, sensory experiences, and social skills.

Payments: We use brightwheel for paying your child’s tuition. Auto payments are taken out the 2nd of each month. You will receive an invoice three days prior to the billing due date.

Do you wish to have us discuss your child’s progress in person? Whenever a need for a personal meeting arises, Bright Beginnings Preschool humbly asks the parents to schedule an appointment with us days prior to the meeting. We’ll ensure to accommodate you to the best of our abilities.
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