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Bright beginnings and their staff were more than accommodating. They made my son feel comfortable. He would always come home saying how he liked his teachers and would name them off. He grew in so many incredible skills that he will learn to use as he gets older. C.E.
Our expectations were exceeded. Weekly email communication kept me in the loop each week about what my son is learning and helped me reinforce concepts at home. He loved his teachers, school and friends. Always excited to go to school. Bright Beginnings prepared him for kindergarten and beyond. K.B.
Bright Beginnings is the kind of neighborhood preschool I grew up with. Expectations were met and exceeded in all areas of development. Kids are nurtured and educated, not just monitored. If I had any more kids I’d send them here again! A+ Best preschool in town !! S. R.
Bright Beginnings has been a wonderful experience. My child really enjoyed his time there. We are so appreciative of all that you do. B. H.
We have been more than pleased with our child’s time at Bright Beginnings. We feel our child is more than ready for Kindergarten. Teacher Patty also took great care with safety and communication during the pandemic. We highly recommend Bright Beginnings. B.C.
My son got up to speed with his letter writing skills. Teacher Patty was like having an extra relative to help our child during the most formative years of his life, and we are very grateful for her help. She clearly has chosen the right profession in life, because few people could manage children for such a long time, run a business with employees, and still give individuals the attention they need. In addition to helping my son, Teacher Patty has helped us become better parents preparing us for the years of school to come. Seeing my son’s progress report made me cry, because not only has Teacher Patty helped my son become more than ready for school, she has also helped him develop as an individual. Teachers like Patty are far and few between and I highly recommend her. J. P.
Our daughter has thrived at Bright Beginnings. The structured environment has provided a sense of security, while the stimulating activities have helped promote intellectual and social growth. Pre-reading and math skills are practiced but not forced. Most importantly, teacher Patty has established a warm, positive and consistent relationship with her students. M. H.
Our daughter attended Bright Beginnings for three years, starting at age 2 1/2. We appreciated the steady, consistent guidance of teacher Patty and her staff in caring for our child. The structured curriculum with a theme each week provided stimulating, age-appropriate activities. Each child was treated fairly and consistently. In addition, the extra activities and field trips made our child eager to go to school each and every day. We are confident our daughter will do well K-12, both socially and in the classroom, because of her experiences at Bright Beginnings Preschool. S.C and B. C.
All our expectations were exceeded. Both children thoroughly enjoyed their time at Bright Beginnings and it is definitely with sadness that we say goodbye to the “Patty years.” You run a top notch preschool. After six years, we are still amazed at your energy level, your “output” (weeky newsletters, progress reports, elaborate graduation ceremonies, etc.) and how you are always looking for ways to enrich your program (such as teaching the children Spanish) – not to mention your endless store of educatonal toys, holiday decorations, music, puzzles, books, animals, etc. After researching all of our preschool options where we are moving, we have come to appreciate your preschool program even more. H.D and J. D.
Teacher Patty is an extremely dedicated, experienced, and level-headed preschool teacher. She quickly came to understand the unique characterics of both my children and provided opportunities to address their specific strengths and weaknesses. She understands that each child is different but that consistency of routine helps children to feel secure. She is responsive to parent requests or questions and communicates regularly with parents via weekly handouts. A.R.
Bright Beginnings has been such a great experience for our daughter – she is always so excited to go to school and play with other kids. The mixed age groups is also really nice, so she can observe the older kids and learn from them. Her fine motor skills have improved substantially since she started at Bright Beginnings – they do lots of arts and craft projects, which has noticeably helped her improve those skills. Our daughter is much more organized at home and enjoys trying to do a greater variety of tasks on her own. She surprised her grandparents the other day by spontaneously counting to ten in Spanish, and Spanish is not spoken at our house. The quality of Bright Beginnings is so great, I can’t recommend it enough. J.D.
Teacher Patty was an incredible asset to my daughter’s preschool experience and she is an exceptional teacher who is extremely devoted to her work. Her skills in working with children are very impressive. She has great rapport with the students, and shows a sincere interest in meeting their needs through their unique learning styles. Her enthusiasm is contagious! I was most impressed with her advanced curriculum. She offers a wide range of comprehensive themes and other academics, and strives to ensure that each child leaves Bright Beginnings with a strong academic background for entry into Kindergarten. She is committed to the well-rounded education of her students. The structure she provides greatly contributes to the positive environment of Bright Beginnings. Teacher Patty has an incredible work ethic that would benefit any preschool child. T.I.
A professional preschool, not just a day care, with the strongest and most detailed curriculum articulation I have ever seen. I always knew what my children were learning, and was able to support and reinforce the lessons at home to provide continuity. In short, my daughter thrived, learned and felt loved while at Bright Beginnings, and I can’t say enough about what teacher Patty has provided for ours, and other children’s futures. K.C.
We have found teacher Patty to be warm, consistent and fair. Teacher Patty is a vast resource for parents and a true professional in her field. Her organizatonal skills and attention to details in communicaton with parents via daily progress reports and weekly handouts are valuable. As discerning parents, we feel that teacher Patty runs a top notch preschool program that we would give our highest recommendation to. A.P.
Teacher Patty is great with kids, meeting each child where they are and working with each one at a pace appropriate for the individual. She makes learning fun through daily activities that focus on the themes of the week (color, letter, math, science, etc.) and that engage the children’s creativity as well as their physical, emotional and mental self. In the short time our son has attended Bright Beginnings, we have seen the independence, communication and confidence grow. K.G.
We believe this is the best prschool experience available. An integrated program with 2-5 year olds helps children learn so much more–including teaching older kids how to help the younger kids. Teacher Patty offers a well rounded curriculum, that stimulates our children intellectually, emotionally, and physically. I do not believe there is another program that is equivalent. C.S.
I communte to Corvallis twice daily from albany just so my daughter can have the best care possible. J.C.
Our child was bored at her former baby-sitter’s. At Bright Beginnings she is stimulated and enjoys herself very much. She is also learning a lot!. B.W.
Patty is there every day for our kids, year after year, providing learning, fun and a real personal bond that centers just can’t match. P. C.
Bright Beginnings met our son’s needs in every way and helped him grow and develop not just his strengths, but areas that challenged him. Their long operating hours and consistent schedule gave our son a safe and supportive place to stay to accommodate our full-time work schedules. We are thankful for the service. I would happily recommend Bright Beginnings to other parents. A.M.
Bright Beginnings provides a fantastic program, going above and beyond in all areas and truly caring for each child. M.S.
Bright Beginnings is a wonderful school – it’s the perfect place for children to learn and have fun.
Patty provides a safe and fun learning environment for the children. Her expectations of the children are very clearly communicated in a loving way. Our child left Bright Beginnings with a true love of learning as well as a clear understanding of what it takes to be a good friend and member of his community. T.L.
Bright Beginnings helped my son grow and learn in a loving environment. He got to run, play and learn about his world and how to live in it. D.P.
Bright Beginnings offers lots of enrichment activities and sign language, Spanish, story time and field trips. W.S.
Patty has an incredible preschool program that would benefit any 2-5 year old. She has an amazing amount of energy and years of experience that she taps into daily to teach and develop young children. Both of our children loved their years at Bright Beginnings and we loved how much they learned and grew. D. P.
Patty and her teachers do a great job of fostering independence and a conscientious caring attitude in each child. After looking at many other preschools, what made the decision for us was that all the Bright Beginnings kids seemed so very happy. G. W.
Patty has provided a safe, professional and loving environment for children. They learned so much from her and her assistants. The routine and consistency was a blessing. A. T.
Patty provides consistency so that the children feel secure, yet is continually providing new and varied stimulation for their growing brains. G.R.
I have two children that have attended Bright Beginnings and both have been very prepared for Kindergarten. Patty is very structured and organized. Upon graduation, Patty has a book made from the children’s art collection over the years. Additionally, artwork on canvas is sent home, both this and the book are invaluable. Graduation is well thought out and such a big event? H.C.
My child learned so much over the course of the year. She is more mature, confident, and well prepared for kindergarten. I am grateful to have an environment where she thrived for her final year of preschool! S.B.
Patty prepared all three of my children for Kindergarten. All three enjoyed attending school. All three were extremely different individuals. It was enjoyable to watch them develop socially through the times at school. I highly recommend Bright Beginnings to any parent. R.M.
Teacher Patty has it dialed in at Bright Beginnings. You can feel confident that your child is in capable and experienced hands. A.R.